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Portraitbild und weitere persönlich Dokumente im Portrait

Nice you are interested on my life, no more youg but really  exiting. Here you will find all my milestones in business which formed my CV.


I followed the new strategy of Distrelec in 2017 and accepted the challenge of supporting the English team and moving to Manchester.

At that time it was not known that the managing director did not choose the more suitable locations on his own initiative.


670 million CHF LOSS

The exorbitant project (see PR link below) by the old Swiss company Datwyler has failed and the emergency solution in the UK was not a success either.
Distrelec and from 2012 Nedis made no profit for over 10 years or so little that no depreciation ofcould be made and accordingly hardly any taxes were paid. You still had to pay bonuses in order not to lose face.]
(only in German available)

Dätwyler in spending spree

Still online the big project: (only in German
This deal didn't work out.
In 2017 there were redundancies in Switzerland, Sweden, Germany and Italy

Latest News

Germany 2021

See soon here where my path will lead 

Relocation in full Lockdown, Covid and Brexit... my challange. Think positive, I see it like holidays, I am relaxed and I am looking forward to my third home 

Volatile in Manchester

As mentioned, "was" my place of work.

Is it COVID-19 or had the company extravagant plans. Sere advertising here:

Distrelec is looking for lodgers

  • 128 Desks  1500 m2   16'000 sq ft
  • 544'000 GBP/Year Rent
  • 200'000 GBP/Year Rates (Charges, using for non-domestic purposes.)

Engagement to my former company Metro Media GmbH Zuerich

In the 9 years as owner of this smal company, I experienced a lot of exciting things, likewise insights into the work of international Syber criem departmenrts.

I had a heterogeneous audience as customers, but also the variety of target groups to be addressed made the work interesting.

In addition to a lot of positive experiences  , as a small company you are always dependent on good luck and on good spirits. [Nbsp] I am all the more proud to be able to deliver the company and myself without negative entries and with the best customer feedback.

I would like to thank all customers and suppliers who accompanied me during this time. [Nbsp] You can find my personal future in the portrait. I am particularly pleased to have found a successor for Metro Media GmbH

Metro Media GmbH is now in Frauenfeld. See Metro Media GmbH new